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Live cooking table

Modular Tables to suit every Live Cooking Requirement. Perfect for Hot and Cold Live Foods

Modular line

Latest Buffet Furniture which can expand verticially and horizontly.

Folding table

Minimum Space, Maximum Customisation. Folding Line is not only beautiful but also compact

Chaffing dish

The most stylish way for your Warm Buffet with its Uber cool Designer and Practical Chafers

Classic Line

Basic Buffet Furniture for your Banquets.

Food Beverage Cart

The Perfect card for serving Food and Beverage on the move

Lobby Cart

Bring fresh life in your Hotel Lobby with New Lobby Trollies

Chick Line

Modern Buffet Furniture to fit in every setting

Display Stand

Make your buffet beautiful with a variety of Modular Display Stands and Settings

Service Trolley

Innovative and Practical Room and Buffet Service Trollies

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